Sunset in Felucia


Don't get caught alone...

I shot this short film in lieu of a photoshoot that fell through, hope you enjoy!

A little information on this story: 

I wanted to create a world that seemed alien and overgrown. One that was in the not so distant future where military uniforms would look similar to what they are today but the world this character was on didn't have air sustainable for human life. Hence the oxygen masks. The character we see is running from what seems to be a monster and is eventually caught by it when he let's down his guard. The subtitle: Don't get caught alone, stems from the fact that because the human race present in this universe is on the alien race's home planet they know the terrain well and if soldiers are separated or "caught alone" they can be easily picked off. 

This was a fun concept and I hope to work more on this story for a later, longer and more thought out project!

I shot this entirely myself using the Sony a6500, using the ability to shoot 4K internal to get the “slider shots” and movement I was able to capture. Having this tool is certainly a godsend when filming and I’m capable of doing a lot more with little to know crew. This project was sort of a rush job and I finished it almost within 24 hours of shooting. It was fun to challenge myself to film and edit something all by myself.